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Block Stacking


About Block Stacking

Some important features

Welcome to the Block Stacking game. Here, you need to arrange the drop position of fruits so that you can harvest as many fruits as possible.

This game is quite similar to the Stacktris game, however, you will be able to change the shape of the fruit pieces over. Pieces of this fruit have been cut into squares, but these squares are uneven. On the pieces of fruit there will be missing parts, you need to rearrange the falling position of these pieces of fruit so that the square is complete. This is also your main task when you have to arrange the complete pieces of fruit and collect them. This game is scored based on the number of pieces of fruit that you collect, so the more fruits you collect, the higher the score.

Arrange different kinds of fruits

The default fruit of this game is watermelon and you will see it at the start of the game, but this game is not only watermelon. You can find all the summer fruits like cantaloupe, apples, and pears, in the game store. But these fruits are not free, you have to use the diamonds collected during the game to buy them.

How to arrange the fruit

A fruit tower will be placed in the lower corner of the screen, there are pre-cut pieces of fruit on this fruit tower. You change the shape and position of these pieces of fruit so that you can create a square and harvest the fruit. In addition, you will also know which pieces of fruit will appear next in the upper right corner of the screen. You rely on these pieces to arrange and harvest as much fruit as you can. You use the mouse and swipe up to flip the pieces of fruit. Swipe across the mouse to change the drop position of the fruit and drag it down to drop the piece. When the pieces merge together and form a complete square, it disappears and you get a reward. Conversely, if the fruit tower is full, you lose and the game is over.