Card Merge

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Introduce Card Merge

Card Merge is an interesting game involving card sorting, in this game, you need to merge cards of different values to form the largest number.

This game has a similar gameplay to the Drop And Merge The Numbers game, here, you have to merge cards of different values to form the highest-value cards. However, since you are merging cards, the rules for merging are also different. This game becomes even more interesting when it is displayed on a board and you are limited in moves. It is this board that is the biggest challenge of the game, it requires you to come up with smart strategies to be able to merge as many cards as possible. Are you ready to join our latest challenges? Join the Duck Life website and play it.

The rule to merge card

Cards with different values will appear in the table, you use the mouse to arrange these cards. The table will be divided into three columns, each column will arrange a card and it will increase over time. You move the cards to the card of the same value, then the cards will merge. These cards will merge in a doubling direction i.e. when you merge two cards of a value of 4 together it will create an eight card right in the arranged position. Similarly, when you merge two cards with a value of three it will create a new card of sixteen. When you move cards that can be merged with other cards, you can continue merging. But when you move the cards whose position it is pointing to cannot be merged with other cards, new cards will appear. These cards will push the old cards to the limit on the other side of the board. When these cards fill the board, you can no longer move the cards and the game is over.