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Carrom Clash


Play Carrom Clash

The rule

Are you ready for the interesting challenge in the Carrom Clash game? Here, you have to align force and direction to shoot the carrom into the hole.

If you have ever played 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer then you will easily adapt to this game. The board will be divided into 2 different colors of carrom: white and black. The game has already selected for you white carrom, your task is to put these carroms into the pit. The game also has 3 different game modes, each mode will have its own rules. Follow the rules of the game and win all the bets.

How to control

You use the mouse and move the direction bar in the lower corner of the game to align the direction. Drag the stricker to align force and then release to shoot.

3 modes of Carrom Clash

This game is divided into 3 different modes: Dics Fool, Carrom, and Freestyle.

  • In Dics Fool mode, you need to shoot all the designated carroms into the hole before your opponent and win.
  • In Carrom mode, you shoot all the specified carroms into the hole, then shoot the red carrom into the hole and win.
  • In Freestyle mode, you can shoot all the carroms on the board into the hole. Black carrom will score 10 points, white carrom will score 20 points, red carrom will score 50 points. The player who scores 160 points first wins.