Cat Runner 1

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Some descriptions of Cat Runner 1

Run in the train station

Play as a police cat and participate in the city chase of Cat Runner 1. You need to run fast in the train station to avoid vehicles and collect coins.

This game is set in a crowded train station, where there are many obstacles. You have to control your character to avoid obstacles such as trains, barriers, and so on. While traveling on the road you also need to collect items that the game requires such as cake bars, and kiwi fruit. However, your most important task is to survive as long in the path. Therefore, don't pay too much attention to other goals.

Face the final boss

The main difficulty of the game is not only obstacles at the train station but the final boss. When you pass the obstacles at the train station, the final boss will appear. He will constantly create new obstacles that you cannot react to in time. These are really difficult challenges when you are not prepared for the obstacles. However, as long as you have quick reflexes, you can overcome these challenges.

Play Cat Runner 1

How to avoid obstacles in Cat Runner 1

To overcome the obstacles in the train station, you need to smoothly combine the keys on the keyboard. You use the right and left keys to move left and right on the road. You can jump over or slide over some obstacles. You use the up arrow key to jump and press the down arrow key to slide.

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