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Clicker Heroes


Play Clicker Heroes

Kill monsters in different lands

The journey to defeat monsters has never been so easy. Play the Clicker Heroes game to experience the journey of killing monsters with mouse clicks.

There are many types of monsters roaming the lands of Clicker Heroes. Your mission is to destroy these monsters and keep the land peaceful. You deal damage and destroy monsters by clicking on them. The levels of monsters in different lands will be different. You have to hire heroes and upgrade them to make it easier to kill monsters. You can combine click and heroes to kill monsters faster.

How to control: Click to kill monster

Suggestion: Geometry Jump, Snakes and Ladders.

Achievements in Clicker Heroes

  • Killer: Kill 100 monsters
  • Butcher: Kill 1000 monsters
  • Coach: Levelup hero 100 times
  • Frugal: Hoard 5000000 gold

The lands in the Clicker Heroes game

  • Forest: They are tiny monsters that are easy to kill and they also give you a little bit of money
  • Drylands: This is an arid land that contains monsters such as Catra, Finky, Goboolin, and so on.
  • Desert: It is home to such creatures as Grablin, and Sand ball...
  • Beach: This place contains new creatures such as Sea snails, turtloid, flamingogo..
  • Rockland: This area now contains all the monsters mentioned earlier but at a higher level.

Hire heroes to kill monsters faster

There are some heroes that you can hire to defeat monsters. You can upgrade to increase damage. The amount to upgrade at different levels will be different. Cid, the helpful adventure has 1 default damage, you upgrade Cid to increase damage for each attack. Treebeast has 5 default damage, you upgrade to increase this hero's damage. Betty Clicker has 1000 default damage. Leon has a default damage of 10000. There are also some other heroes such as The Masked Samurai, The Great Forest Seer, and The Wandering Fisherman.