Cut The Rope Magic

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The difference between Cut The Rope Magic with Cut The Rope

Om Nom is lost in the magical world of Cut The Rope Magic. In this game, you have to help Om Nom eat the candy by cutting the ropes. Let's play and have fun.

Cut The Rope Magic is the sequel to Cut The Rope, so it is a little different. In Cut The Rope Magic, the game created many interesting obstacles. Your character Om Nom can fly and move by transforming into a little bird. In addition, Om Nom also has to face the evil sorcerer at level 15 of the game. Are you ready to explore this exciting world?

Complete the challenge

In this game, you still need to collect stars and eat candies to pass the level. To eat the candy, you need to move Om Nom to the position below the candy and cut the rope, this is a pretty easy task. The main challenge of the game is to collect stars. The star will be in different locations on the map. You need to move Om Nom to the location of the star or adjust the direction of the candy to be able to collect the star. However, the most important task is to eat candy, you have to focus on this task.