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Dinosaur Game


Some special thing about Dinosaur Game

A little story about Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is probably a classic game for all Internet users in general and Chrome users in particular. Previously, every time your computer was not connected to the Internet, this game would appear while waiting for the network. This game is so attractive that many people disconnect themselves to be able to play the game. However, you can now play this game directly on our Duck Life website.

What makes Dinosaur Game so attractive?

The first thing to mention is familiarity. In the past, Internet users often faced internet disconnection. Therefore, players will often have to play a lot in the meantime. When this happens regularly they will consider it a habit. Just like me, when I was a kid I used to play Subway Surfers Zurich a lot, so I consider it a highlight of my childhood. Sometimes I will find it again and play.

Next is the graphics and simple gameplay. No one would have thought that a black and white dinosaur could attract so many players. The obstacles of the game are just cactus bushes and birds flying in the sky. Perhaps this is the special thing about this game compared to other games.

In addition, this game also stimulates players by creating a score chart. When you score a high score that will be saved and visible to all other players. This ranking will stimulate the fighting spirit of players and will play a lot to win high scores. Are you ready to join this game? This is the time to make other players admire your skillful skills.

Play Dinosaur Game

Control your Dinosaur

You will have to control a T-rex dinosaur walking on a thorny road. It is similar to the Temple Run 2 game, where you will use the arrow keys to control your dinosaur.

The obstacles that the dinosaur has to go through are cactus bushes and falcons flying in the sky. When facing the cactus bushes you press the up arrow key to jump. When facing the eagle, you click the down arrow to slide. Do not let yourself touch any obstacles, because they will hurt your dinosaur.

Tips for overcoming obstacles

To be able to get a high score in Dinosaur GGame, you need to be familiar with the mechanics of the game. However, I think this is easy because this is a game familiar to the childhood of internet users. Once you get used to the speed of the game, you can easily dodge the obstacles. Moreover, getting used to the mechanics of the game also helps you to take action faster. Thanks to that, you can quickly dodge obstacles. Also, the game will speed up when you get a high score. At this speed you don't have time to think, it all depends on experience and skill.

Also, you should focus on your dinosaur. Imagine that your dinosaur is standing still and other obstacles are moving. You just need to pay attention to the dinosaur and immediately dodge the obstacles that are approaching you.