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Temple Run 2


About Temple Run 2

Some descriptions

Welcome to Temple Run 2 - a dramatic running game. Follow the game's character to explore the ancient temple and help him escape the ape chasing.

Running games have always been a genre with great appeal to players. These games often give players a sense of stimulation and a sense of achievement. Not letting players down, Temple Run 2 is also an extremely intriguing running game. The player is lost in an ancient temple, where apes live. Your appearance has angered the apes and they want to drive you out of their territory. You have to run fast and escape from their chase.

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The obstacles you have to face

The first obstacle to mention in Temple Run 2 is the pursuit of the apes. They are extremely aggressive so it will not do any good if you fall into their hands. The second is the architecture of the temple. This is an ancient temple, so many places have been destroyed, making it difficult to move. For example, broken tiles make you more likely to fall or damaged roads cause you to constantly change lanes. The intact architecture of the temple is also a great challenge. Dark caves make you easily trapped. Fire-breathing dragons can also burn you. The most important thing is that the moving road has many bends. If you don't change direction quickly, you'll fall off the cliff immediately.

Play Temple Run 2

Your duties

You have angered the apes, so you must calm them down by running away from their territory. You have to do a lot of maneuvers like swinging, sliding down the ground, and so on to stay away from their territory. The game requires you to have good resistance to be able to run away. You cannot let obstacles stand in your way. Let's overcome these obstacles and escape from the ancient temple.

Control your character in Temple Run 2

Basically, this game has the same control as Subway Surfers Zurich. The obstacles of the game are extremely diverse, so you need to combine the operations to overcome them.

  • You use the up arrow key to jump over obstacles.
  • Press the left and right arrow keys to change lanes or change direction.
  • Use the down arrow key to slide over the flames or the rocks.

Increase your character's resistance

You should earn a lot of coins while running to level up your character to overcome obstacles in Temple Run 2

  • Shield duration: This function will increase the character's resistance to obstacles. You can upgrade this function to a maximum of level 5 for the best stamina.
  • Coin magnet: This function helps you to attract more coins during the move. It is similar to Shield duration, you can upgrade this function to level 5.
  • Boost Distance: It can increase your achievements. At level 1, this function will add 50m to your achievement and it will increase after you upgrade.