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Dora Fruit Balloons


Enjoy the adorable game

Create great moments with the Dora Fruit Balloons game. This is a stimulating fruit shooting game for kids, where you have to shoot down all the fruits.

This is yet another lovely game just like Woobies. Moreover, these 2 games have the same gameplay. Your task is to shoot down the objects above the crusher. This is a familiar task, so I believe you can easily pass it. Join the Duck Life website to play the game and shoot down all the targets

Play Dora Fruit Balloons

Follow the rule

There are no more dangerous chases like in the Subway Surfers Zurich game. You will fire bubbles that explode on the map in the Dora Fruit Bubbles game. You locate and fire identical balls to those shown on the map. Fruits can have the appearance of apples, oranges, grapes, etc. Three or more of the same kind of balls must be struck for them to explode and disappear. You have finished the level when all of the balls on the map burst. However, it is not always possible to complete the level. When the crusher goes face down and you haven't shot down all the balls, you fail.

How to aim the cannon

You hold the mouse to aim the fruit, then you release the mouse to shoot.

Conquer the levels Dora Fruit Bubbles

You can challenge yourself through the levels of the game. The levels in the game will not distinguish too clearly in terms of difficulty. It only increases the number of fruits that you have to shoot down. The special thing is that the levels of the game will automatically transition through each level. You can play freely until you lose, surely the game will reset from the beginning. This means you will have to play again from level 1.