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Some descriptions

You should not ignore the Woobies game. This is an adorable game, where the cute Woobies are trapped in the crusher. Let's play and rescue them.

These lovely creatures are trapped in the crusher and it needs your help. You just need to join the Duck Life website and play to save Woobies from the crusher. Simple actions like aiming and releasing can save these cute Woobies. You have played many running games like Temple Run 2 or survival games such as Just Fall LOL. But this time you will have a new experience with the cannon and the Woobies. Simple game tasks and manipulations will entertain you after a tiring working day. This game promises to give you a great experience. What are you waiting for without playing this game?

Rescue the Woobies

Your mission

The cute Woobies are trapped in a giant crusher, which will quickly crush the Woobies if you do nothing. So, your mission is to rescue these Woobies from the crusher. Are you ready for the challenge?

How to rescue the Woobies

To rescue the Woobies you must control a cannon. You align and aim the Woobies in the crusher and rescue them. Woobies of the same color as the ball you shoot will be rescued. However, these Woobies can only be rescued when you hit them. In addition, you will see the Woobies that will appear next in the locator in the lower corner of the screen. You rely on this suggestion to make a sound decision. You just need to save all the Woobies from the crusher to be able to pass the level. There are a lot of woobies trapped in different levels. Do you believe in your ability to aim? Play the game and rescue them.

Controls: Use the mouse to aim.