Element Blocks

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Play Element Blocks

Let's play the Element Blocks game and train your brain. In this game, you need to arrange tetromino blocks and destroy them to get the highest score.

It is the same as Tetris, Element Blocks also uses tetromino blocks. These tetromino blocks will have different shapes, they can be combined from one tetromino block to many blocks to create different shapes. You need to arrange these blocks on the board to form a line of 9 squares standing side by side. When 9 squares stand next to each other they will be destroyed and disappear from the map. The difficulty of the game is that these blocks will appear in the order of 3 consecutive blocks, you have to arrange all 3 consecutive blocks for 3 new blocks to appear. The game ends when you have no more room to arrange the tetromino blocks.

How the game calculates points

This game will not score you according to the disappeared tetromino blocks but will score by the number of tetromino blocks you arrange. The more tetromino blocks you can arrange, the higher your score will be. You destroy tetromino blocks to make more room. Do you understand the rules of the game yet? Play and get a high score in this game.