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Play Tetris

Train your brain in Tetris

Tetris is a brain training game that is familiar to everyone's childhood. By arranging tetromino blocks, this game will help you train your brain. This game uses the same tetromino as Stacktris. When Tetromino blocks form a row they will disappear and you score points. This is a mind game that requires you to have good thinking ability. Tetromino blocks will drop randomly, however, you will know which tetromino block will appear next in the upper right corner of the screen. This is the basis for you to arrange the tetromino blocks. Consider the tetromino blocks that will appear next to make the right choice. This Tetris game is already extremely difficult so don't make the game more difficult.

Play Tetris on 10 levels

This game has 10 levels with separate challenges. The difficulty of the game is represented by the falling speed of the tetromino blocks. The levels are already open, if you are a new player, train your buddy in the low levels of the game. If you are confident in your ability, go to the difficulty in level 10. This is the level for the masters, do you reach the master level? Play now and challenge yourself.

How to control tetrominoes

In Tetris, the tetromino blocks will drop randomly on a board. You will use your mouse or keyboard to control the falling direction of the tetromino blocks

Control by keyboard

You use the arrow keys and space to control the direction of falling. Press the Up arrow key to rotate, the tetromino blocks will rotate from left to right. After rotating in the direction I want, press a Down arrow key or the Spacebar to increase the falling speed of the blocks. Press the Left or Right arrow keys to move left or right.

Control by mouse

You left-click to rotate the tetromino blocks. Then you drag the mouse to bring the tetromino blocks to the positions you want.