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Fantasy Forest


Some descriptions of Fantasy Forest

Play and discover new creatures in the Fantasy Forest game. In this game, you need to eliminate the required creatures and overcome all the levels.

Fantasy Forest is a puzzle game similar to Dora Fruit Balloons, but it will require more logic. You will have to eliminate the items on the board thoroughly. Each level will have different scoring criteria, but your important goal is to clear the items. Only when you complete this mission will you be able to pass the level. The items that you need to remove are mushrooms, leaves, blueberries, and so on. You may think these missions are simple, but it surprises you with the gameplay mechanics. Sometimes it will make you want to give up, but never give up, you play again and again and solve the trouble.

Play Fantasy Forest

How to eliminate all items

Fantasy Forest and Dora Fruit Balloons are puzzle games, but they have different gameplay. In the Dora Fruit Balloons game, you will have to switch the position of the items. However, in this game, you just need to click on the items to remove them. If there are 2 or more items of the same type they will disappear. However, you don't have to remove as much as possible, you need to remove them completely. Your goal is to get rid of all the items, so you have to predict the future of the board. Don't leave any item behind.

Play Fantasy Forest on several levels

You will explore the Fantasy Forest through a multitude of levels, and these levels will transition automatically. It means when you pass the challenge of the previous level, the next level will automatically open. The difficulty of each level is also set randomly. You won't know what awaits you. Are you ready to join this mysterious journey? EnterEnter our website and play this amazing game.