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Impostor Assassin 1


The serial murders in the spaceship

Mysterious murders are taking place in the game Impostor Assassin 1. You play as an assassin who tries to kill a crewmate. Play and complete your mission well.

In a spaceship, where a series of murders takes place. The killers are very clever, they always hide in the dark and kill crewmates silently. Your task in this game is not to find out the secret of the spaceship, but to play the role of a murderer. You have to kill these crewmates secretly. If you let any crewmate find out, you will die instantly. Are you ready for this mission? Play and become the brutal killer.

Play Impostor Assassin 1

How to kill crewmates in silence

Although It is not a direct battle like in the Shell Shocker game, Impostor Assassin 1 will also give you a thrill. You need to move secretly to the crewmate's blind spot to kill them. Meanwhile, you need to collect stars to gain a high rating in mission rating. In order for the crewmates not to notice, you need to move carefully. Because you have to commit to a mission in the dark, you have a very narrow field of vision. You need to move slowly to define the crewmate's location. Then, you move to their blind spot and kill them.

Controls: Use the mouse to control your imposter.

Conquer all levels of Impostor Assassin 1

You have the opportunity to challenge yourself on several levels of the game. The challenges of this game will increase with each level. You need to complete the missions in the previous levels to open the next challenges. After you have unlocked all the levels of the game, you can choose to play at the level you like.