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The war in the iScribble game

iScribble will help you relieve stress with doodles. In this game, you will control a square block to attack other players and expand the territory.

You can play and relieve stress in the iScribble game because this is a war without rules. You will control the square block and draw anything you like as long as you can expand the territory. You can also destroy other opponents if you are quick enough. Like the Zombie Tsunami Online game, in this game, the strong are the winners. You do not have to take pity on any of your opponents, because all of them want to take them down. Therefore, knock down your opponent before you get knocked down.

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Defeat all opponents

How to play iScribble

You use the mouse to control your character. The direction of the mouse movement is also the direction of your character's movement. You can move anywhere on the map, however, it must be safe. This map is quite narrow so you can eliminate other opponents to be able to fight the land. Choose the strongest monsters on the leaderboard and destroy them.

Some tips to conquer iScribble

This game has a minimap in the upper left corner of the screen. You rely on this map to track the movement of other opponents.

You have to quickly tackle other opponents. You look for opponents outside the territory and cross their heads to take them down. If you attack them while they're in the territory, you will die. Remember to fill the territory after each conquest. This is also the best hiding place when you are faced with an onslaught of enemies. Use your skills and dominate this map.