Jewel Christmas Mania

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Some descriptions of Jewel Christmas Mania

If you are looking for a game to entertain, then Jewel Christmas Mania is a great choice for you. Let's change the position of items and create great moments.

Jewel Christmas Mania is a Christmas-themed puzzle game. In this game, you need to swap items like snowmen, Christmas trees, candy, and so on. When you combine these items they will either combine and disappear from the map or they will create a new item that is beneficial to you. Don't be afraid to join the Duck Life website and play this game.

Play Jewel Christmas Mania

The principle to destroy items

Different items will appear in random locations on the map. You use the mouse to change their position. The game has the same playing principle as Juicy Dash, you form a row with 3 or more similar items and remove them from the map. When you delete items, you will get a score. Do you know the rules of the game yet? Let's play this game and get the highest score possible

Create new items

Some of the new items that you can create are the gold gift and the silver gift. You form 2 rows with 3 of the same items in one turn to form a golden gift. When this gift box explodes, it will destroy the items around it. You form a row with 4 items standing next to each other to form a silver gift. Exploding this gift box will destroy a line of various items.