Jump Fall

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Join in the race in Jump Fall

Play and participate in a desert race with the Jump Fall game. In this game, you navigate the direction and help your character reach the finish line.

You will play as a block of butter and you are currently on a track set in the desert. However, this track will be located higher than the desert. Your task in this game is to control your character and reach the finish line first. The track in Jump Fall is quite special, they will be blocks that are arranged together and they have shaped like a maze in Maze: Path of Light. You have to move along the winding track. You have to move so that you do not fall off the track. If you come into the desert, you will melt and lose. Are you confident that you will complete all the challenges in this game? Access Duck Life and play this fun and exciting adventure game.

Control your character

You use the keys on the keyboard to control your butter. Depending on the direction of the butter, you can adjust the direction accordingly. Use the right arrow key to move forward. You use the up or down arrow keys to steer left or right. You use the left arrow to move backward.