Lake Jump

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Some descriptions of the Lake Jump game

Play Lake Jump and create amazing moments. In this game, you will play the role of the lovely parrot and jump over the platforms in the lake.

This game has the same gameplay as Jump Fall, you need to control your character to jump over the platforms. These platforms are in a lake, and the platforms will appear in order. When you jump over a platform, a new platform will appear. You try to move through as many platforms as you can. Are you ready for this game?

How to jump over the platform

A parrot is standing on a platform in a lake. You use the mouse to align the force of the parrot and jump over the platforms. You hold the mouse to align then release the mouse to jump. In the early platforms, the game helped you mark the jumping position so that you get used to the gameplay of the game. In later levels, the line marking the jump position will disappear, you will have to estimate the jump force yourself. However, jumps without markers will give you a higher score. The game will end when the parrot falls off the platform.