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Love Balls


A story between 2 balls

The Love Balls game is a story about a blue ball and a pink ball. A pair of balls are being split, your task is to draw and bring 2 balls together.

The pink ball and the blue ball were a pair, however, for some reason they were separated. 2 balls in 2 different spots on the map and they want to touch each other. Your task is to make their wish come true. You need to draw things that can help them get together. This task is not too difficult, I believe you can do it.

In addition, this game is also divided into levels like in Apple Worm, You need to overcome challenges to open new levels.

Play Love Balls

Bring two balls together

To bring 2 balls together you need to draw as many useful items. Sometimes you draw lines to bring 2 balls together, or you draw pebbles to create a push to help the balls meet. However, your amount of ink will be limited, you should draw the simplest and most effective things. If you run out of ink and don't get the balls back together, you lose. Your main task is to bring 2 balls together, so stop wasting time on other things.

How to control: Use the mouse to draw a line and bring balls together.

The scoring mechanism for each play

Each time you play the game there will be a rating scale. This rating scale will depend on the amount of ink remaining in the vial. If the amount of ink in the bottle is over 70%, you will easily win 3 stars. If the amount of ink in the bottle is more than 30%, you will get 2 stars. And when you use up the ink bottle, you only get 1 star.