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Merge to Million


Relax in Merge to Million

Gameplay of Merge to Million

Let's merge blocks until you reach millions in the Merge to Million game. Sorting to the millions has never been easy. Play and enjoy this game.

If you have played the Drop And Merge The Numbers game, then you can easily conquer this game. Your task is still to arrange and merge the tiles with different values. However, it becomes more difficult when you have to sort to millions. The tile values will still start with the number 2. You use the mouse to drag the boxes to the position you want. Tiles of the same value combine and double the value. If there are 3 tiles in contact with each other, they will combine and multiply the value by 4 times. After each arrangement, random blocks will appear from the top of the screen. Merging millions starting from number 2, sounds impossible, but as long as you try enough, you can overcome this challenge.


Use the mouse to drag and place the tiles.

Eliminate challenges in-game with power-ups

In this game, the difficulty is not only from the task of arranging millions but also from the appearance of more wooden boxes. The constant presence of wooden boxes hinders your arranging process. However, you can remove them during the matching of tiles. The wooden boxes near the tile you just merged will disappear. Also, you can also use our power-ups. There are 6 power-ups that the game offers players.

  • Red Missiles: It will destroy a horizontal row of tiles.
  • Blue rocket: It will destroy 1 row of tiles vertically.
  • Bomb: It will destroy tiles appearing around it (destroy up to 8 blocks)
  • Hammer: It will lose any tile or wooden box you specify.
  • Multiply X2: A group of 4 tiles you choose will be multiplied by 2.
  • X2: A number you choose will be multiplied by 2.