Om Nom Connect Xmas

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Some features of Om Nom Connect Xmas

What are you waiting for without playing in the Om Nom Connect Xmas game? Here, you need to connect items of the same type to remove them from the map.

Om Nom is a familiar character that you have met in the game Cut The Rope. Now, this character has returned to the exciting game - Om Nom Connect Xmas. This is a simple matching game, where you have to find items of the same type and remove them from the map. These are items about Om Nom in the Christmas season. Play and create great memories in this game.

How to play

At a large board, the items are being shuffled. You move the mouse to find similar items and remove them from the map. To be able to join 2 items together, they need to be of the same type and not be blocked by any items. You repeat this operation until all the items on the board are deleted. You will have the opportunity to conquer this game on many different levels. Each level of items will be operated in a unique way. You just need to play a lot to be able to grasp this rule. Are you ready?

Control: Use the mouse.