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Om Nom: Run


Play Om Nom: Run

Let's start an endless race in the Om Nom: Run game. In this game, you will control an Om Nom and run non-stop on the streets to collect coins.

Om Nom is a fictional game character that was popularized by the game Cut The Rope. In this game, Om Nom will have to participate in an endless race on the street. The obstacles that Om Nom has to face are cars, barriers, and even trees. This game requires you to avoid obstacles and collect coins. This is a fast-paced game so you need to be very careful not to fall. You use the keys on the keyboard to control your character. Let's play and make this race endless.

How to control

  • Use the up arrow to jump over obstacles
  • Use the right or left arrow to steer left and right.

Upgrade your character

This game has 3 characters for you to choose from, which are Super Nom, Ice Nom, and Tech Kid. Each character will have its own type of attribute, you can upgrade the character's attributes to make the game more interesting. To upgrade these types of calculators, you need a lot of money. So, join this endless race now and collect coins to upgrade your character