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Play Quordle

Train your brain in Quordle

If the Get 10 game challenges your logical thinking, then Quordle challenges your language ability. You will see a grid that is divided into 4 parts, this means you will have to guess 4 words. You start by guessing a word to get the hints. After you have enough hints, you can sort it out and find out the exact words. If you can guess all four words before you run out of nine guesses, you win.

Why Does Quordle Challenge Your Language Skills?

This is a word game, so it requires you to have a large vocabulary. You will have to guess the words and from the correct words you will find the required word of the game. So this game both challenges your thinking ability and your language ability.

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Rules of this game

You will have a chance to guess up to 9 times. It is impossible for you to guess correctly the first time so this is just a test for you to find the correct word suggestion. The letters in the correct position will be green. The letters in the required word to guess but in the wrong place will be orange. Letters that do not appear in the required words will be gray. Make good use of this rule to find this word.

Tips to play Quordle

You rely on the rules of the game to find the right answer. You should spend 3 first times guessing the letters to find the hint. You should try words with non-repeating letters like Taste, phone, etc. You know that IPA has 5 main vowels, so try all 5 of these vowels. Avoid trying words with grayed-out digits. Hope you have the same experience with this game.