Retro Drift

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Play Retro Drift

Do not hesitate to participate in the adventurous race in the Retro Drift game. You will have the opportunity to drive on the elevated road.

This game is inspired by the Drift F1 game. Here, you will participate in an adventurous race in the air. This track becomes more adventurous than ever as you face constant turns. Moreover, this track is also quite slippery, so when you change direction, the wheel will easily slip. This leads to your vehicle falling off the cliff. Your task is to keep the car moving on the track and go as far as possible. Once your car falls off the cliff, your game is over. This is not a difficult task. Are you confident that you can complete it? Use your reflexes and control your car far away

Control: hold the mouse to steer and release the mouse to go straight.

Collect wheels and activate the power-ups

When controlling the car on the track you need to collect the wheels. These wheels will help you launch the power-ups at the beginning of the game. The game's power-ups are double coin, car insurance, and vinyl rush. Launch the reasonable power-ups and start the race.