Roll Rush Extreme

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About Roll Rush Extreme

Run in the tunnel and take the challenge of the Roll Rush Extreme game. You handle the ball so that it does not fall into the black holes in the tunnel.

You will feel this game is familiar because it has the same gameplay as Runner Multiplayer, but it has a huge difference in graphics. If the Runner Multiplayer game makes the player feel like they are participating in an adventure in space, Roll Rush Extreme has brought you back to earth. You will enter a closed tunnel and must not let your ball fall out of it. The special thing is that this tunnel will form while moving so you can not predict what will happen.

How to handle the challenge

You will use the left and right arrow keys to change direction for the ball and the space key to accept the challenge. When facing the black hole in the tunnel, you cannot jump over it, you can only avoid it. All faces in the tunnel can become your path so you avoid black holes by switching sides. you press the left or right key to change the edge you want and continue this intense race.