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Smiling Glass!


Fill water to make the glass smile

Smiling Glass is a puzzle game with simple challenges. Your task in this game is to make the glass always smile by filling the cup with water.

In this game, you have to fill the glass with water. A glass will be fixed in the bottom corner of the screen. The faucet can be stationary or moving. You open the faucet valve to be able to fill the glass. However, this game is not simply opening the faucet valve and filling the glass with water. In the process of pouring water, you will encounter some obstacles. Spike shields or pinwheels will disperse your water. Meanwhile, the amount of water that the game provides is limited. You need to be patient to be able to fill the cup with water. Don’t waste any water.

Play Smiling Glass

How to fill the glass

To be able to fill the glass with water you need to open the faucet valve. You hold the mouse to open the faucet valve and release the mouse to close the faucet valve. Shields of spikes will move and cut off the flow of water and they even absorb your water. You have to wait for these spike shields to be away from the flow of water before continuing to open the water valve. The pinwheels will rotate in the direction the force is applied to them. You apply force so that the pinwheel turns in the direction of the cup and brings the water and your glass.

Controls: Use the mouse.

Play Smiling Glass on 40 levels

It is similar to Drift F1, the challenges of this game are divided into many levels. Currently, players can play the Smiling Glass game on 40 levels. The difficulty of the game will also depend on the level you are playing. Let's start with the easy levels to get familiar with the mechanics of the game. Are you ready to conquer 40 levels of the game? Join our website to enjoy this wonderful game.