Star Pop

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About Star Pop

Star Pop brings you to the world of the star. In this game, you will find the intersection of the tiles and destroy them in the required time.

The stars will appear in the tiles of different colors, your task is to remove all these stars. Visually, you will think this game is similar to Onet Connect Classic, but it has a completely different way of playing. In the Onet Connect Classic game, you will find 2 similar items and connect them together and remove them from the map. In this game, you will also have to find 2 identical tile blocks, but to break these tiles you need to find their midpoint. this game has up to 2 timers, the timer at the bottom of the screen only lasts for 3 seconds, which it uses to calculate your combo. The tiger clock at the top of the screen is used to time the entire game screen, this clock lasts for 30 seconds. After the time is over, the game will sum up your score, you have the right to save or not to save this score.

How to remove the star

You find the tile of the same color on the board, then you use the mouse to click on their intersection to remove them.