The Flappy Virus

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About The Flappy Virus

If you have a tiring day at work, let The Flappy Virus help you relax. You will play the role of a virus and you need to avoid the cylinders.

A virus is spreading disease in the city. But now the city has become more vigilant and has established epidemic prevention measures. The preventive measures that the city offers are vaccinations and special drugs. So what do you think your mission in this game is? You will think that you play the role of anti-epidemic doctors but this answer is wrong. You will play as a virus and your task is to control this virus in the city and avoid epidemic prevention measures. The city is equipped with a lot of vaccines and anti-epidemic drugs, so you have to be very careful when moving into this city. You are a sly virus, overcome all the preventive measures she spread the plague to this city.

Overcoming all disease prevention measures in the city

This game is inspired by the famous game - Flappy Bird. Here, you will control a virus moving in the air. You use the mouse or the up arrow key to control your character. You click your mouse to let your character fly. If you release the mouse, the virus will drop. You will lose when the virus touches any obstacle in the game. The challenges also last through different levels, at each level you will have to go through a certain number of needles. You just have to try to survive until you reach the finish line and you can complete the mission and be transported to a new level. It is interesting that your virus can become smaller by taking the activator. These activator boxes randomly appear on the road you just need to tap it to harvest and your virus will become smaller instantly. You need to remember your aim is to avoid the needles and reach the finish line whereas your aim when collecting the potions is to become smaller. But sometimes, these potions are in a dangerous position and it can make you lose instantly, so you should only collect these potions when not in danger.