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Tiny Jelly


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Welcome to the world of adorable jelly in the Tiny Jelly game. You have to match jellies of the same type and complete the target of the game.

This game will give you an interesting experience about the world of jellies. Different types of jellies will appear on the same board. You need to draw lines that connect these jellies together and remove them. Then the connected jellies will automatically disappear from the map. Your task is not to remove as much jelly as possible, but you need to remove it according to the target. The number of moves of each level is limited so focus and aim. You need to quickly complete the target and discover a new level.

The levels of this game

It is similar to the Dora Fruit Balloons game, you will challenge yourself through many levels. The levels of the game will also automatically transition when you complete the mission. Each task has a target, and you need to focus on achieving the target so as not to waste time. Get ready for these missions now.

Eliminate jellies

Different jellies will appear randomly on the board. You have to find 3 or more jellies of the same type to connect them together. You use the mouse to draw lines through the jellies and connect the same type and remove them from the map. When you remove more than 7 jelly blocks of the same type they will generate some power-ups. There are 2 special power-ups that you can use.

  • The rockets can remove a line of jellies
  • The bomb will explode and destroy the jelly blocks around it

You can take advantage of these power-ups to make it easier to eliminate the jelly blocks.

Controls: Use the mouse to connect and remove jellies from the board.