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Tom Run Online


Participate in the endless race in Tom Run Online

Play and join the endless race in the Tom Run Online game. In this game, Tom has to participate in a race in the city and collect gold coins.

If you have ever played the Cat Runner 1 game, then you will easily get familiar with the mechanics of this game. You will control your Tom moving on a crowded street. The obstacles that you need to avoid are cars, barriers, and drains. You can jump over static obstacles like drains and barriers. When you encounter moving obstacles such as cars, you need to avoid them. The game will give you a maximum of 3 lives, when you use up these 3 lives, you will lose. While moving you also need to collect coins. These coins will help you upgrade skins and power-ups. Is this race endless? It depends on you though. Let's play and create an infinite race.

How to control your Tom

You use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control your Tom

  • You use the up arrow key to jump
  • You the right and left arrow keys to steer left and right
  • You the down arrow key to slide