Zombie Attack

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Zombie Attack takes you to the apocalyptic world where zombies are raging, you have to use the weapon to kill zombies and try to survive in this game.

If Shark Attack takes you to a fierce battle in the ocean, this game takes you into the apocalyptic world. This is where the zombies thrive, you will play as a hunter and go kill the zombies. These zombies have very poor orientation, so you just need to stand in the corner of it. You use keys like WASD to move and use the mouse to aim and shoot at zombies. When you run out of ammo you can move to the vending machines in the map to buy ammo. In addition, you need to gather wooden crates to form a base against zombies, be a great hunter and kill as many zombies as possible.

Introduce maps

This game has 3 main maps, it doesn't have a fixed name but I will name it after its identifying features. The first map is grassland, this map is medium-wide and has plenty of shelter. The second map is the desert, this is the narrowest map and there will be almost no shelter for you. The fight taking place on this map will be extremely dangerous, but it will also give you more excitement. The last map is the factory, this is the largest map and also has the most shelters, similarly, it will also have many zombies. All these maps have vending machines in the corner of the screen, take the lead in this game and kill all the zombies.