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About TicTacToe

The war between 2 smart players

TicTacToe is a reasoning game, where you can practice your strategic thinking by arranging the X and O. Are you ready for this new challenge?

Besides the logical thinking games like Get 10 and Quordle, our website has now been updated with another game about strategy. You have to arrange X and O and a 9x9 grid to be able to win. Of course, you will not be playing alone because this is a 2-player game. Your opponent will block you to victory. Use your intelligence to break the opponent's attacks.

The rule

Although you do not have to participate in a sports competition like in the Duck Life game, you will have to fight another opponent. You and your opponent will take turns hitting Xs and Os into a 9x9 grid. Whoever gets a line with 3 Xs or O's first wins.

Conquer the TicTacToe game

Why is it so hard for you to win this game?

The arrangement is quite easy but winning is not easy because the 9x9 grid is quite small. Both players can only go for a total of 9 turns. Most of the matches result in a draw because all the players have good reasoning abilities. The winners are people with very high intelligence. Are you one of them? Let's enjoy this game now.

Control: Drag your mouse to place the X and O.

Tips to conquer TicTacToe

This game relies on experience to be able to win. The best way to gain an advantage is to play in the center of the net. This will help you open up more than when placing X or O in the cells on the outer edge of the grid. Your player needs to create doubles so that the opponent can't stop you.